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eveXmas Onyx Small Christmas Tree 2ft 8" / 80cm, 100% PE Tips

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  • Onyx Small Christmas Tree 2ft 8" / 80cm | Diameter at the bottom 72cm / 28inch | 134 branches | Tips length 1.5cm 100% PE Tips
  • The most natural appearance! Every detail of the branch is copied from a live branch. This gives the most natural and realistic look and feel you can get. The shape of the branches is voluminous, each detail is located on a different plane.
  • Made from Fire Resistance Material. European Fire Safety Certificate. Production experience over 20 years.
  • Branches made of 100% PE Premium Quality Raw Materials, NOT Tinsel (PVC). They do not lose their shape and appearance. We promise you a long service life of the Christmas tree. Even after 10 years, this model will not lose its appeal.
  • The tree is easy to assemble and consists of three parts and a metal stand. Each branch is attached to the trunk with a metal hinge. You will be able to install it in 1 minute. Next, you will only need to straighten the branches.
EveXmas presents Premium Quality Artificial Christmas Trees.

Onyx Small Christmas Tree
Onyx Series is an excellent example of how an artificial spruce can be more perfect than a natural one. The perfect beauty shape, the branches that combine 2 shades of green, the reliable design and ease of use make this model flawless. Through the needles of the twigs you can see an imitation of wooded bark that enhancing the visual resemblance to a natural spruce. Even from close up it is not immediately possible to understand that we have only a skillfully made copy, and not nature itself has worked on this forest perfection. The tree is made of a mix of molded PE tips and soft PVC tips located in the near-stem space which makes the tree very full and charming. Moled PE needles on the branches visually do not differ from the real ones. The tips are firm, yet soft and pleasant to the touch. Every detail of the branch is copied from a real branch. The PE tips also give you the most realistic look and touch you can get from an artificial Christmas Tree.

We use only Premium Quality Raw Materials during production which guarantees a very high quality of all our products.

The trees are easy to assemble and very quick to take down for storage.

With over 20 years of experience in producing Christmas Trees and decoration, we promise you a long service life of your Christmas Tree. Even after 10 years, this model will not lose its appeal.

All our trees have European Fire Safety Certificate.


Package Height, cm19.00
Package Width, cm19.00
Package Length, cm90.00
Package Weight, kg3.20